Flama Properties Listings – Sell and Buy Property With Us

Whether you are looking to buy or sell a house,villas, an apartment, land, or commercial property Flama properties will link you with the best real estate deals nationwide.

Our Story

Flama properties is one of the leading real estate brokerage in Kenya.

Our industry experience spans over 5-years, working with commercial and residential buyers/sellers.

We deal with an extensive category of property, ranging from land, apartments, flats, commercial buildings, and industrial buildings. We not only understand the local property market, but also the needs and agonies of our clients.

As a real estate agency, our mission is to empower consumers in search of houses and business rentals with knowledge, inspiration, and empirical data.


The process of buying, selling or renting property can be rigorous. Sellers understand the struggle of selling off property – from dealing with tough financial decision, paperwork, to the stress of dealing with different buyers.

In contrast, buyers may have a hard time negotiating great deals, not to mention the burden of locating their preferred property.

Let Flama Properties take control. We will connect you with great deals in the most favorable locations.

Whether you are looking for a house for sale, lands for sale, apartments for sale or a commercial building for sale – Flama Property is here to help out. We make the real estate journey easier for both property sellers and buyers.

Flama properties was started in May of 2015 in an effort to change the old school real estate marketing of “stick a sign in the yard and hope it sells” to a more modern approach utilizing the reach of the Internet. We began offering professional Architectual photography.

With this partnership our clients not only benefit from beautiful listing photography but also ‘best in class’ Internet marketing technology for real estate.

What we do

Property Listing

Reach more people through our website property listings.  Find local commercial and residential real estate based nationwide, Kenya. We list the best properties matching them with the relevant details and high-quality images.

Helping buyers locate, visit and view property in various areas

We help you locate any property listed on our site. We also arrange for property visiting and viewing.

Negotiating The Offers

Whether you are a property buyer or seller, Flama will negotiate on your behalf the best offers while handling all the paperwork.

Why Choose Us?

Flama takes the responsibility of negotiating with all the parties involved in the deal, be it buyers, sellers, brokers, or closing agents. Also, we have a great understanding of the local market.

We are familiar the current market trends, pricing, popular styles. You may want to compare property to understand where to put your money. We will help you do property comparison to determine where it is worth spending your hard earned money.

On top of finding you great deals, we have your best interests at heart. With us you are guaranteed to find a house, apartment or land within your price range.

We will broker your property as we have the effective tools, and access to a huge network of consumers.Buyers are always going through our listings – as a property seller, you can easily reach target buyers.

Sellers also list their properties with Flama and the buyers searching for property listings can save time by collaborating with us when searching for property and inspection, and even closing the deal. We handle all the difficult loops while you free more time to get more done.

When buying or selling property, there are many involving steps the average property seller or buyer may be not be ready to dive into. Furthermore, inexperienced property buyers or sellers may overlook some critical aspects that are part of the process. We not only support you make sound decisions, but also we walk with your throughout the entire journey of selling or buying property. We help you make the tough decisions, locate the best and affordable properties, negotiate the correct pricing, market your property, and even take of all the paperwork that is involved. Working with us is a breath of fresh air.

We are growing every day – our inventory of listings is expanding.  We aim to be the leading brokerage firm with a large volume of listings, making it easy for prospects to find desired real estate property. Be it an office space, a warehouse, a retail location, storage facility, shopping center, a home, an apartment or home.