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Buy or rent property with Flama.

At Flama we connect you with affordable properties for sale in the most secure environments. Whether you are in search of land, a house, flats, apartments or commercial building,office space,bedsitter/studio, we will hook you up.

We have lands for sale, apartments for sale, houses for sale in Nairobi and Mombasa, and apartments for sale in secure, peaceful neighborhoods.

Sell property with Flama

If you are selling property, you can list your property with Flama. We will market your property to the right buyer, be it land, an apartment, a flat or a commercial/industrial building.

How do I buy property or rent one with Flama?

Buying or renting property with Flama is quite straightforward.

Simply navigate to the drop-down menu.

Pick the type of property you wish to buy or rent from our extensive range of property.

It can be land, commercial property, an apartment,villas or a house.

You will be redirected to another web-page with more descriptive details and inquiry form.

Next, fill out the inquiry form with the relevant details as displayed.  You will find all the details about the property, including details like amenities to enjoy, size and the availability status.

Also, you may use the Contact Information box to get in touch with an agent.

Once you have filled out the relevant details or crafted your inquiry message, you only have to wait for a response from us.

Usually, we’ll get back to you within hours after inquiry.

To make things simpler for you, we included a mortgage calculator on the side bar.

Start by Checking out property listing below to browse our different property categories.


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