Home intrusions usually occur more often than you might think. Did you know there occur over a million burglaries and there are $3 billion in property losses for the victims involved? The scariest part is that these burglaries occurred at residential properties. Home security is something a homeowner can’t afford to ignore. The price might be too costly yet it could have been prevented if you only took measures to safeguard your home. Gone are the days when you would hire someone to safeguard your home and in the modern-day environment there are smart home security gadgets that can help you not just prevent crime but also help you keep your home safe by sensing there is smoke or fire even when your miles away. It’s a new age, and with it, there has been the introduction of smart home security gadgets which are now the new modern-day home security guards.

If you search for the best gadgets for home security you will be amazed by how much manufacturers have danced the tech in-home monitoring devices making them smarter and so much power. In modern-day home security systems, CCTV systems are becoming outdated and there being replaced with more sophisticated smart technology that is more affordable. In our list of the best gadgets for home security, we have smart locks, doorbells, smoke alarms, sensors, and much more. All of these devices will alert you to any intrusion and intern you can alert the authorities right from an app on your phone. Here is a list of security gadgets that will make you feel safer at home.

1.Ecobee Smart Camera

When you’re away and you need to monitor and check on your family then an Ecobee smart indoor camera might come in handy. It has a 180-degree field view, has also a built-in smoke alarm, and an auto-pan and zoom capabilities. If you’re away for 20 days you can access a 30-day video history so you don’t have to miss anything that happened in between. The best part about the camera is that it has a motion detection feature, and will alert you with a notification on your phone in case there is smoke or unwanted movements.

2. Ring Video Doorbell

When you consider smart home security devices you can’t ignore the Ring Video Doorbell. With this Ring Video Doorbell, you can always be sure who is at your doorstep whether to open or not, even while you’re away. Remember that 35% of burglars have no shame and walk in through the front door and with these statistics, this is a must-have device for home security that’s why we included it in our list of the best gadgets for home security. It’s compatible with any Android device and iOS and it provides homeowners with a view of their home right from their phones. The good thing about the Ring Video Doorbell is battery operated its camera can record in 1080p and its audio is loud and clear.

3. LG Smart Security Wireless Camera

LG Smart Security Wireless Camera is another home security gadget that can miss in our list of best gadgets for home security. While other gadgets here can have two or three features the LG Smart Security Wireless Camera is a multi-purpose gadget with a camera, a motion tracker, a built-in speaker, and a microphone. Its installation is easy and you can have all the data in real-time right from your mobile phone app that’s downloadable in the app store.

4. Netatmo Smart Indoor Siren

When an unusual activity takes place within your homestead you can really on Netatmo Smart Indoor Siren to notify you something is wrong. The alarm system usually activates itself and deactivates itself and it’s one of the easiest alarm systems to install there is a Netatmo Security app that will notify you something is wrong. It has also prerecorded voices that imitate a human so you might end up thinking someone is at home and if you try to disable it, it will also alert the homeowner on the phone.

5. Xiaomi Mi 360° Home Security Camera

The Xiaomi 360 A home security camera is one of the products of the Chinese company Xiaomi which prides itself not just on manufacturing mobile phones but also cameras.  The Xiaomi MI 360 can rotate 360 degrees as its name suggests and will give you an all-around vision of your home and notify you through an app of its findings. It has a motion detection feature, an infrared night vision capture for use in the dark, and it’s supported by Alexa and Google Assistant.

6. iSmartAlarm Contact Sensor Door & Window Alarm

Unlike other smart devices with cameras the IsmartAlrm Contact Sensor Dorr and Window Alarm, will make you aware in case someone opens up a door or a window. It’s a wireless device you attach to the door and on the windows which notifies you once someone tries to gain entry. It also has a 110-decibel alarm for scaring burglars.

7. August Smart Lock

August Smart Lock is one of the best gadgets for home security a homeowner can consider buying. The August smart lock usually auto-locks doors for you with the help of an Android, iOS, or Apple watch device. You can be able to tell who came in through the door through its use of virtual keys. With August Smart lock you have a keyless entry, and guest access control and there are automatic unlock and lock functions. You have control of the door regardless of where you are, right from the palm of your hand. Bad guys are locked out and the good guys are let in.

8. Novi

The Novi is another gadget that should be on your list of the best gadgets for home security. It might appear to be a smoke detector device and yes, it’s one but in addition to being a smoke detector, it has three more features which makes it a perfect home security gadget. Among the three features, there is a motion sensor, and a 170-degree HD camera that records in real-time, and the best thing about this home security gadget is that it has a 90db siren which will scare any intruder. You can access all the data via your smartphone from anywhere in the world.

9. Kangaroo Motion and Entry Sensor

Among the best gadgets for home security are the Kangaroo motion and entry sensor. It’s a very simple design but one of the most effective smart gadgets for home security you can go for. This device helps the homeowner to know what is going on in your house as it can detect a disturbance in the house and can send you a push notification to the homeowner’s phone or contact emergency services.

10. Wireless Hidden Camera

Among the best gadgets for home security, you can go for is the wireless hidden camera. The camera is a multi-purpose camera that is portable and very small for anyone to notice. It comes with a 150-degree angle, an intelligent motion detector, and a No-Glow IR Night Vision. It can also record any activity while charging and it’s iOS and Android compatible. You can live stream and playback from anyway and the camera can be shared by multiple users. This spy camera is best for home security, office, car, or even your storage area.  You can access every detail of your home with its mobile app from anywhere in the world.

11. Kevo Convert Smart Lock Kit

If you want to replace your existing deadbolt and you need a smart home security device then the Kevo Convert Smart Lock kit will be best placed for the task at hand. This device gives a homeowner the ability to monitor their door from anywhere in the world by giving keys to people who are allowed in the home such as family, pet sitters, and gardeners among others. You can remotely grant access to your home and it also gives details on who entered the house and at what time.

12. Haven Connect Lock

Haven isn’t your normal key lock mechanism but a smart one indeed. It’s among the best gadgets for home security one can use. It is usually placed at the bottom of the door and acts as an obstacle preventing unwanted entry. The gadget which is Bluetooth enabled can stop break-ins from happening with a technology ten times stronger than a deadbolt. You can control the entry to your home with the Haven Connect lock and receive push notifications to your Haven app in real time.

13. Canary Pro

With Canary Pro installed in your home your set with one of the best gadgets for home security. It’s one of the best motion detectors with a night vision that sends a push notification to your phone enabling you to alert the authority right from anywhere. It has a high-quality recording feature that streams in real-time any activity and stores the data in the cloud for 30 days. It has also a siren loud enough to scare away an intruder.

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