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Buying land in Kenya can be a tough endeavor or a smooth one, depending on the approach you decide to follow. For first-time buyers, the process can feel overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be like that. With a few tips in mind, buying land in Kenya can be a smooth process despite the obstacles involved.
In this article, we look at some of the 9 steps to follow when buying land in Kenya. You could be buying either from an individual or a group.

Verify ownership of the title deed

The first step is to inquire for a title deed from the landowner. Once you get a hold of it, you need to check for its authenticity with the Ministry of Lands. You will pay Ksh. 520 to review the title deed’s ownership.

Are there unpaid rates?

From there, the step is probably to investigate if there are any unpaid land rates. You have to visit the local authorities to accomplish this. Should there be any unsettled debts, discuss them with your seller who between the two of you will clear the pending payment. Until you settle the unpaid land rates, land ownership cannot be transferred to you.

Buying the maps

The next step is to visit the Ministry of Land and buy two maps. One map called the mutation, shows the exact measures of the land you are purchasing. The other map will show adjacent landpieces. Both maps will cost you Ksh.700.

Surveying the land

Once you have bought the maps, it is time to inspect the land. At this stage, you get to inspect whether the lands’ details match those detailed on the map. You can do it yourself or go with a surveyor. You have to budget for a surveyor in case you want professional guidance. Some of the best places to buy land in Kenya include Kiambu, Mlolongo, Nakuru, Ruaka, and so on.

Price negotiation

You have surveyed the land, and all looks good. The next step from there is to discuss the price with the seller. You may want to bargain on the original price given by the seller.
Once you have agreed on the price, the seller should provide you with a sales agreement. The sale agreement will highlight the terms and conditions of the property transfer. You can do this with the help of a lawyer, in which case if the land is worth more than a million, you will pay Ksh 8,000 to have a lawyer write the agreement for you. Otherwise, if it is below one million, you part with Ksh.3000.

Pay the Deposit

Once you have signed the agreement, pay the deposit as per the agreement.

Visiting Land Control Board

Before the seller can transfer the land ownership to you, the Land Control Board (LCB) must consent to the sale of the land. You need to pay Ksh. 1,000 to apply for approval with the LCB. At most, you could part with Ksh. 5,000 if you book a special meeting with the LCB.

Clear remaining balance

Once the LCB gives consent to land sale, pay the remaining balance.

Title Transfer

This is the last step. Once the LCB approves the sale of the land, and you have cleared your remaining balance, now it is time to change title deed ownership.

For you to change the title ownership, you need the following:

  • KRA PIN.
  • 2 passports.
  •  Consent from LCB.
  • Original title deed.
  • Sale agreement (duly signed by both parties).
  • Municipal or City council clearance certificate.

It will cost you Ksh. 5,000 to transfer title ownership. However, you will pay an additional fee of Ksh. 1,000 to the Commissioner of Lands, for consent, to transfer the land.

In addition, you will pay a stamp duty amounting to 4% for urban lands. Should land be situated in rural areas, the stamp duty amounts to 2%. Once you have completed the Title transfer process, it is right to say the land now belongs to you. If you check with the Ministry of Land, you should be able to confirm this. You should have your Title deed certificate within two weeks.

Final Thoughts on Buying Land in Kenya

Although buying land or property in Kenya can be challenging, it doesn’t have to be. Just prepare well beforehand. Do your research on reputable sellers. With so many rogue companies sprouting all over, you need to be extra vigilant when searching for land or property for sale. Don’t forget the 9 steps to follow when buying land in Kenya.

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